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 SasuSaku - I'm your Anti Hero

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PostSubject: SasuSaku - I'm your Anti Hero   Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:12 pm

"I'm your Anti hero"

Pairing: SasuSaku
Title: I'm your Anti Hero [can be changed]
(Main) Song: Anti Hero by Marlon Roudette
Genre: Romance, Tragedy, Action
Summary: What if Sasuke decided to take Sakura with him that fateful day when he left the village? Together they become missing-nins, making their way to Orochimaru. They get trained by Orochimaru while Naruto never stops to search for his teammates. He swears to himself he will bring them back no matter what. Everyone believes that Sasuke has taken Sakura by force and the poor girl cannot escape.
Three years pass, Sasuke kills Orochimaru as well as his brother Itachi and then joins Tobi after hearing the truth about the Uchiha Clan. Sakura never leaves his side. They develop a strong bond to each other; however, Sasuke is too consumed with revenge and hate that he even seems to consider a romantic relationship with a girl.
The night after the fight with Danzo, Sasuke advises Sakura to leave him and rejoin with Naruto and the others. He doesn't want her to get involved into the war which is going to unfold when he attacks Konoha. Furthermore, he knows how dedicated Sakura still is to her homeland.
Sakura is torn. She cannot persuade Sasuke to give up on destroying Konoha. Which decision will she make?
Will she put her life on the line for the person she loves? Can she help Sasuke escape his evil side in the end?
Or is their love doomed for good?

--> Ending not clear yet. Up to discussion/suggestions etc.

Intro [Sasuke leaves the village; Sakura begs him to take her with him. He gives in.]
Main Story

Approximate time: ~4 minutes
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SasuSaku - I'm your Anti Hero
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