Welcome! We are a Naruto amv studio with its main focus on SasuSaku and NaruHina. However, we are different from other AMV studios. Each of our MEPs will have its own storyline (like fanfiction).
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 General Rules (IMPORTANT!)

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PostSubject: General Rules (IMPORTANT!)   Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:55 pm

Please read the rules before making your MEP part! (For some MEPs there might be extra rules to consider.)

1.) Absolutely NO Fanart!!! You can make your scenes in any editing program (Vegas, Photoshop, After Effects etc.)
2.) You are OBLIGATED to create "new/manipulated scenes"!!! There have to be at least 2 scenes in a MEP part! Remember that we will keep your effort in mind, however - For professional MEPs, you have to be very skilled in manipulating, after all.
3.) You must not upload your part before the whole MEP is out! You probably already realize why this rule is especially important for our studio - The parts only tell a story when linked together. Very Happy
4.) Meet the deadline! If you can't make it in time, let us know how much longer you will take. Depending on your reply, we might have to look for someone to replace you.
5.) High Definition
6.) No (original) subtitles!

If you don't follow the rules from above, we will send your MEP part back and ask you to redo/change it. In case you don't hand in your part and don't reply to any of our messages, you will no longer be part of the MEP.
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General Rules (IMPORTANT!)
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