Welcome! We are a Naruto amv studio with its main focus on SasuSaku and NaruHina. However, we are different from other AMV studios. Each of our MEPs will have its own storyline (like fanfiction).
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 [FIRST MEP] SasuSaku/NaruHina - All or nothing

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PostSubject: [FIRST MEP] SasuSaku/NaruHina - All or nothing   Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:21 pm

One of the possible choices for our FIRST MEP! The other song/story choices are coming asap!

All or nothing

Pairing: SasuSaku + NaruHina ; Only SasuSaku ; Only NaruHina - VOTE!
Title: All or nothing (may be changed)
Song: All or nothing by Theory of a Dead Man
Genre: Romance, Parody? , a bit action? -> all up to you. However you want to do your mep part; it just has to fit the lyrics and the storyline.
Summary: Our two couples couldn't be happier together. Sasuke and Sakura as well as/or Naruto and Hinata are finally dating. Their blissfulness is only interrupted by the fact that the girl(s) have to go on a mission for a few weeks. They remember how they fell in love with each other etc.
Basically follows the lyrics.

One strophe could go with NaruHina, the other one with SasuSaku (in case you want to have both couples in this mep).

Approximate time: ~2(+) minutes (either with bridge or not)

Any suggestions, complains, ideas and your votes can follow below. Smile
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[FIRST MEP] SasuSaku/NaruHina - All or nothing
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